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Weve put together these tornado facts for kids to help you with the learning and research process. You can learn more about tornadoes by visiting our Tornado Facts homepage. If youre doing a school project you can freely use the information on this web page as long as you give properly reference this website. The Tornado in a box was constructed to be a visual aid for, WFO Wichita KS, public weather training programs. The construction, shown below, is only an overview of the project. A good carpenter or handyman could incorporate different ideas to achieve the same results. The different parts and materials used to make this. Tornadoes 35. Tornado Science. Visit the American Red Cross Web site at. Use Hail Maker to research and analyze the relationships among supercells, tornadoes and hail. What You Need Clear, plastic sweater box or similar container (8 in. x 8 in. x 12 in.)

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Photography techniques: How to build a tornado machine

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Crowdsourcing the El Reno 2013 Tornado: A New Approach for

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Six Ways To Prepare For Oklahoma's Tornado Season | KGOU

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Get ready for spring weather hazards by visiting our Spring Safety website!. The Tornado in a box was constructed to be a visual aid for, WFO Wichita KS, public weather training programs. Education. Recommended Websites for Teachers. These websites provide useful information to support classroom learning about tornadoes. National Severe Storms. This is what Haleigh found to do for our Science Fair! Ill make the box, shell do the research (with some help), but she is the one in charge of actually learning it so she can answer any questions others may have!

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