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Literature Review Strategy. 8. Search Procedure. 9. Assessing the Evidence. 10. Limitations. 11. 3. Findings About What Works. 11. The Centrality of Relationship. 12. Interventions for Addressing Multiple and Interlinked Factors. 15. Case management. 16. Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA). 18. Wraparound. 18. tion, a review of the literature pertaining to Wraparound has not previously been conducted. To address this gap, we conducted a comprehensive review, ultimately identifying. 206 unique Wraparound-related publications in peer- reviewed outlets. We then coded. Services 2003 United States Public Health Service 1999).

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Literature Review Wraparound Services for Juvenile and Adult Offender Populations. A Report Prepared for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. January 2008. Prepared by Kate J. Wilson, Senior Writer. Center for Public Policy Research. University of California, Davis. Any opinions expressed in this. The study compared service processes and outcomes for the wraparound process vs. intensive case management (ICM) among children and youth 617 years old. and the expanding literature on the importance of family support services (Hoagwood, 2005 Penn Osher, 2008), only two of 51 families in the wraparound. under its mandate, including a policy framework for child and youth mental health services (Kutcher. McLuckie, 2010).. This literature review and environmental scan was conducted to inform the development of an. an intensive, wrap-around approach that tailors care to the strengths and needs of the family, using.

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