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Nov 8, 2017. What regulations are in place in which states in the US - can anyone walk into a shop and buy a gun? You must live in a state where NFA items are permitted and machine guns,. to buy a military grade fully automatic assault rifle in. easy is it to buy an. Forget the so-called gun show loophole.. These days, many gun-control advocates are far more focused on the large number of firearms sales that take place over the Internet, my colleague Philip Rucker reports. (Michelle McLoughlinReuters. May 26, 2016. COLUMBUS Ohio is making it easier for people to buy guns.

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How easy is it to buy a gun in the US?

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Background Checks for Guns: What Do You Need to Know

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Just how easy is it to buy a gun over the Internet?

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This is how easy it is to buy guns in America.