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Oct 14, 2008 You can use any kind of plain white printer paper or good quality bond paper to do that. If youre looking for a template to set up a resume, I dont think you can buy such things in a store. You can probably find books in a bookstore or in the library that give advice about what to include, what format to put it in, etc. Be sure to review all of our photo and presentation paper choices, including photo printer paper. Designs, Textures and Weights. Look for business paper or resume paper that will convey the sense of prestige and importance you desire. Consider paper with a linen or cotton finish, or a subtle granite texture or parchment paper design. Printing is our passion. Now theres an easy way to give a classic, professionally printed look to your materials with this paper. These sophisticated papers are ideal for communications that require an extra touch of elegance - resumes, presentations, certificates, invitations, business documents and more. Guaranteed results.

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Want to write a resume? You want to write a resume but you dont know what to start with. Youve searched through dozens of internet web-sites trying to find an example, but none of them was useful. What makes it difficult is that you are not sure what to write, what not to, what to emphasize or highlight etc. You need to be. Southworth Paper. Southworth Paper, Resume Paper, Free Templates and Samples, Expert Advice,. Home Contact Us Shop. Southworth Paper on Facebook. Skip to content. Business.

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