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One of the reasons I dont like taking editing jobs is because its such a pain to figure out how to charge. Anytime you have to set rates as a freelancer, it requires thought. However, it just seems like setting rates for editing is much more fraught with difficulty. When you write, its easy to say, This is how much I charge for a. Sep 14, 2013. You may also call our office at any time to discuss your project with our lead consultant free of charge. We offer phone or Skype consultation directly with your editor or dissertation consultant for 110.00 per hour as a follow up to any previous editing order (discounts available for packages of 5 hours or. I have tutoring and newspaper editing experience, but have not taken on a job like this before. Is there a norm for editing rates? Proofreading? I have seen 30-40 an hour mentioned here for editing services, but should I really try to charge that much this time? And how much should I lower that cost if what he. I am in the beginning stages of writing and would like any thoughts on hiring someone to proofread my thesis. My school. Many editors charge by the page or the hour.. Often and editor can provide a free depending on your preference as it will give them an idea of how much time to put into it. Id say ask.

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In this post, were going to break down the differences between copyediting and proofreading in order to help you understand the editing process better. You can also use this post to decide. Youll feel much better knowing that your typo blindness hasnt negatively impacted your final work. Remember, copyediting is only.

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