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Keywords are reserved words in the C language. Keywords are words reserved by the system and have special predefined meanings when writing C programs. In the C programming language and C, register (not capitalized) is a reserved word (or keyword), type modifier, storage class, and hint. It suggests that the compiler store a declared variable in a CPU register instead of in RAM. If possible, depending of type of CPU and complexity of the program code, it will optimize. Oct 10, 2017. keyword, used as, defined in. Alignas (since C11), alignas, stdalign.h. Alignof (since C11), alignof, stdalign.h. Atomic (since C11), atomicbool, atomicint,. stdatomic.h. Bool (since C99), bool, stdbool.h. Complex (since C99), complex, complex.h. Generic (since C11), (no macro). Imaginary (since.

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