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Pixelbox Visual Design directs and produces corporate videos and TV commercials that includes 3D animation, video editing, musical composition, and audio.

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Social Entrepreneur, WriterEditor, Licensed Psychotherapist. 4 recommendationsMilwaukee, Wisconsin. SummaryFannie LeFlore, MS, LPC, SAC, EAP, has been self-employed since August 2005 as a micro business owner providing subject matter expertise and professional services related to Communications,. The UWC is not responsible for changes in contact information. We neither endorse nor recommend any editor. Contact the editors to establish protocol and pay rates. We are no longer accepting listings from editors other than those located in the greater College Station area, unless they are graduates of Texas AM. Services we provide Video Capture. Audio Capture. Aerial Footage. In-Studio Editing. Lighting. SoundVisual Effects.

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