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Duplicate the data via Custom SQL using a UNION query and add a Copy dimension to indicate whether the copy is Data or Total. Hi Debbie, this post was written when Tableau had a dialog for single table vs. multiple tables connections. I am inheriting an environment where Tableau server is used and sits on top of a SQL database. I can go into SQL and write all sorts of queries, and then go over into Tableau and connect to the Tableau server which has identical fields as the table Im working with in SQL. but I see no where to integrate a. To change its structure and optimize your data for analysis in Tableau, writing custom sql in tableau you can use the following custom An analysis of the godfather in american cinema SQL query Things Tableau Use Custom SQL for a Tableau Connection thingstableau.tumblr.compost139765754362use-custom-sql-for-a-tableau-connection

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Specifically, this is the ability to write Custom SQL and join it to the rest of your tableau defined data source. This effectively give you the capability to build views or logical tables directly into the data pane window. A note about Tableau Redshift support At the time of writing this guide, the latest stable release of Tableau (0.8.0) does not explicitly support Amazon Redshift. This guide was put. This time, however, select Custom SQL instead of Single Table under Step 6 Select a table or view from the database You can paste in.

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