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Jul 18, 2017. Do you want to know how much water youre using and saving on a daily and monthly base? Check out the Reports page in your Rachio app. The Reports in FreshBooks put all the data together to present you with a picture of your business finances, both generic and specific. Reports are useful for tax reporting as well as helping make business-related decisions based on your numbers and data. You can also use Reports to export any data out of your account as. Pay your Bill. My Profile PUK. Top 10 Reports. Balance Recharge. My Reports. You are not currently logged in. Please proceed to login in order to access any reports you may have already purchased. No reports were found. View All My Reports.

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translation and definition My Reports, English-Polish Dictionary online. Example sentences with My Reports, translation memory. The My Reports folder is a personal workspace for each user who logs in to a report server with a valid domain account. This special-purpose folder provides storage.

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