Math Help For Students With Learning Disabilities

Luminous Learning Grade 3 Addition workbook provides math practice for students with learning disabilities by including visual supports, such as base-10 blocks and number lines. Our workbooks are not only fun to use, they build students confidence in their math skills! Aug 6, 2017. Edtech is changing lives, and student-facing apps can do this in a way that is empowering and improves self-confidence. Here are 7 essential apps for students with learning disabilities ModMath. ModMath is a free app for the iPad, targeted at helping students with dyslexia and dysgraphia do math. Stories and songs can also help children relate math to life experiences. It may be easier for students with learning disabilities to recall a math problem such as 3 times X equals 24 when there is a story attached. Likewise, a rhyming song or poem will enable children to sing or hum each step until they find the answers.

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Meeting the Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities in Inclusive

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Self-regulated math instructions for pupils with learning disabilities

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What are strategies for teaching a student with

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